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The Graphology-L Mailing List.

This was started by Jonathon Blake on the 20th August 1995.

It is available in both a digest, and regular format.
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The Graphology-L FAQ is available from

From the Information File that is sent to new subscribers:

The Graphology--L Mailing List

This was set up on 20 August 1995 on
On 15 Febuary 1996 it moved to

A digest version is also available.

You probably do not want to be subscribed to both and


#1: To provide a means for people on the internet to talk about Handwriting Analysis.

#2: To provide a means for people on the internet to talk about Questioned Document Examination of Holistic Documents.

#3: To provide a source for questions, and answers that individuals may have.


#1: Post your e-mail address at the end of your message. I know that the headers have both a from field, and a reply-to field. However, some mailers strip one or both of those headers.

#2: Quote snippets from the post you are replying to. It makes reading the messages a lot more meaningful.

#3: The subject line should indicate the content of the message. EG: AHAF Conference in the subject line would give information about the AHAF Conference

Other Things:

#1: A digest version of this list is available from

#2: Messages are archived at
They can be retrieved using MajorDomo commands

#3: The Graphology-L FTP Site:

#4: The Graphology-L Web Site:

This is the same as the FTP Site, just an easier way to retrieve information in the FTP Site.

#5: The Graphology-L Frequently Asked Questions File.
The Current version is

It is available through the following means:

File name is hwa.faq

Retrieve hwa.faq

E-mail: Send to
Subject: hwafaq
your message will be ignored.

#6: Other Internet Resources. has the Graphology Enthusiasts Club FAQ. << It is quite different from the Graphology-L FAQ >> has a FAQ on Questioned Document Examination.

For more resources read the Graphology-L FAQ, or browse

Questions, comments, quavers, and the like can be mailed to << Jonathon Blake >>

If the questions are graphology related, they can also be sent to

Long messages, commercial posts and non-graphology related questions can be sent to

I do have a PGP public key, that is available on on the Graphology-L FTP Site as blake204.asc .

#7: Last Revision Dates

The Graphology-L FAQ was last revised 16 Febuary 1996
This Document was last revised 6 May 1996



[ This is a digest version of Graphology-L ]
[ This has moved to ]
[ This is currently an online course teaching the Step-By-Step-System of Handwriting Analysis ]
[ This is a digest version of HWA ]

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