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This site started out life, in 1994, as It originally consisted of writing samples, and a very short FAQ on graphology. The web became far more popular, and easier to access than ftp sites. Thus this site migrated to the web. In the process, I've added a lot more material related to graphology.

The Graphology-L FAQ

A little more about Graphology-L
Lists hosted at Graphology.Org
HWA-Personnel: A mailing list about personnel profilling and related Human Resources Issues.
BetterLetters-L: A list devoted to handwriting related issues.

Step By Step System of Handwriting Analysis Course

Paper By Erika Karoh's
Personality Conflicts
Erika Karohs Home Page
charts from BPI Labs
Sheila Lowe
Kate Gladstone's Unoffficial Web Page
Questions & Answers --- Erika Karohs
Forthcoming Conferences

Middle Zone Height Chart
Middle Zone Width Chart
Upper Zone Height Chart
Lower Zone Length Chart
Chart of Managerial Characteristics
Chart of Leadership Characteristics

Graphology Chat Room
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The Graphology-L Bookstore In Association With Amazon Books

The History of Writing on Stamps
One Person's [ MIS ] [ - ] [ ? ] Understanding

Graphology Program --- just analyzes signatures

Links to other sites

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